A curated selection of books with feminist and inclusive perspective on the body and its relation with digital life, visual culture and education.

Feel free to make any suggestions for the on-going development of this library.


Fertility Technology by Donna J. Drucker

We Organize to Change Everything Edited by Natalie Adler

The Global Biopolitics of the IUD by Chikako Takeshita

Girl Online by Joanna Walsh

Mythologies Transhumanism by Michael Hauskeller

Cyberfeminism and Artificial Life by Sarah Kember

Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism by Kristen R. Ghodsee

Vagina, a re-education by Lynn Enright

Invisible Women By Caroline Criado Perez

Technologies of the gendered body by Anne Balsamo

Glitch Feminism by Legacy Russel

Zeons + Ones Sadie Plant

Testosterone Rex by Cordelia Fine

The madness of Women by Jane Ussher

The Quantified Self by Deborah Lupton

Close to the machine by Ellen Ullman